Active learning in English! Try out “Social Change English 1st”


・”I want to teach English through active learning.”
・”I want to try Inquiry Learning in English!”
・”I am looking for English teaching materials that relate to SDGs.”
・”I want to conduct English-language Inquiry Learning in a regular classroom.”
・”I want to try out a program in a small number of classes!”

In response to requests from numerous teachers, we have created “Social Change English 1st”, a trial version of “Social Change English”, one of our “Quest Education” Inquiry Learning programs.

This program, which condenses the essence of Inquiry Learning and can be conducted in fewer classes than the regular program, is available at an affordable trial price.


“Social Change English 1st”
・3 x 50-minute classes
・All English-language Workbook!
・Includes Teaching Guide for teachers new to Quest Education
・1000 yen per person

This is an Inquiry Learning program in English for middle and high schools that can be conducted anywhere in the world. You can typically download the learning materials a few days after applying.

Click here to apply

* Learning materials will be sent electronically after you submit the application form.

What is "Social Change English 1st"?

“Social Change English 1st” is a trial Inquiry Learning program in which students use English to address familiar problem. Using English, teams work on a school-related problem such as “how to have the best graduation ceremony ever” or “how to get our school to achieve a Guinness World Record”.

This 3-class program condenses the essence of the 12-class “Social Change English” program. In three 50-minute classes, students come up with ideas together with their class friends, make a plan, and give a presentation.

This is a trial Inquiry Learning program in English recommended for classrooms that want to try an active learning experience in English.


Cover art::Yoko Ono, Add Color Painting (Refugee Boat), 1960/2016 ©2016 Yoko Ono,Photo Courtesy of Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

What is “Social Change English”?

“Social Change English” is an active learning program in which students use English as they discover problems, search for solutions, and come up with plans to help people in need.

Students use English as they identify problems on their own and work with their team to come up with solutions and make a presentation. The program cultivates the independence to see oneself as a member of society who can take action, the creativity to generate new value in the world, and the ability to collaborate and involve others in realizing plans. Lastly, students have the chance to explain their project in English, making them feel more connected to the world.
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Class flow (3 50-minute classes)

The Teaching Guide contains 16 school-related challenges. Please choose one topic to work on during the classes.

Let’s discuss

[Learning goals]
Learn how to discuss opinions and create new ideas as a team.
[Learning flow]
Today’s class activity
Announcement of the problem
Discuss the problem
Conclusion and preview of next class

Make a plan

[Learning goals]
Learn how to put ideas into a plan and turn them into a presentation.
[Learning flow]
Today’s class activity
About class presentation style
Pick a team name
Make a plan
Prepare your presentation
Conclusion and preview of next class

The first presentation


[Learning goals]
Experience presenting in front of the whole class and learn to communicate a plan to others. Look back on what has been learned so far.
[Learning flow]
Today’s class activity
Decide the winner of the class grand prize
Reflection and positive feedback

Impressions from teachers

“Students learned how to express themselves in English”
Middle school teacher, Yamagata Prefecture
I used the program for 3rd-grade middle school students. The level of English was higher than they were used to, so it pushed them to learn to express their ideas by using a wide variety of vocabulary. In some cases, students learned expressions during group work that they would not have used on their own. The Workbook, Teaching Guide, and other learning materials made it easier to prepare for classes. The level of the learning materials was advanced for junior high school students, but students who were enthusiastic about English were motivated by the challenge, saying “I want to try!”

“Students seemed to be thinking beyond Japan.”
Middle school teacher, Yamagata Prefecture
Even when discussing problems in our country, I felt that when students use English, they think of themselves as part of the wider world. They were able to come up with various ideas in the process of discussing their plan in their language, translating it into English, and making a presentation, which made them think creatively about how to communicate. They learned to let each team member use their strengths, and I was dazzled by the students working together as one out of a desire to share their ideas. As students dive into the work, they become aware of their own ability to change the world. Like the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, I want to use Social Change English to teach students to take the initiative to learn.

Steps after applying

  1. Application

Please fill out the application form and agree to the Terms of Use.

  1. Confirmation of application 

After you fill out the application form and agree to the Terms of Use, we will contact you within two business days at the email address provided.

  1. Download of materials

Please download the learning materials from the link provided in our email.
*The learning materials will be distributed electronically, so please be prepared to print before using them in class.

“Social Change English 1st” Learning Materials

The download link contains four PDF files.
1.Social Change English 1st Workbook
2.Teaching Guide
3.Handouts (Presentation Worksheets 1, 2 & 3)
4.Handout (Presentation Evaluation Sheet)

1.Social Change English 1st Workbook
This is the main learning material for students. The Workbook is intended as a guide to the class activities, not as a text for teaching knowledge. Print out one copy for each student before you begin the course.

2.Teaching Guide
This is a guide intended to help teachers conduct classes. The Teaching Guide introduces the content of each step with a focus on how to prepare, key points and tips for each activity, and variations of how to conduct the lessons. Please refer to it when you would like to know about the class in more detail, or as you prepare just before class.

3.Handouts (Presentation Worksheets 1, 2 & 3)
These worksheets are used in STEP 2. Please prepare copies for each team on horizontal A3-size paper.

4.Handout (Presentation Evaluation Sheet)
This worksheet is used in STEP 3. Please prepare a copy for each student on vertical A4-size paper.

Application form for “Social Change English 1st”

Thank you for applying to use “Social Change English 1st”.
After filling out the form below and confirming the Terms of Use, you are able to apply “Social Change English 1st”, a trial version of our Inquiry Learning program.

Name *
Type of school Private Public National Others
Which grade (e.g. 1st grade in a high school)
The number of students to be served
Subject to be implemented
Scheduled start/end date
How did you find out about this site?
Do you agree with the following terms of use?

Acceptance of the following Terms of Use is required in order to use “Social Change English 1st”
① Program purpose and period of use
1. The content of this program is intended for use as learning materials in elementary school, junior high school, high school, vocational school, technical college, university, graduate school, or junior college settings. Please refrain from reproducing the materials for purposes other than those listed above, or uploading materials to the Internet without our prior permission.
2. The program may be conducted only until the end of the current Japanese school year (until the following March 31 after the date you applied).

② Registration and deletion of data
1. If you are a teacher, please fill out the following registration form.
All teachers who conduct the program must register individually, even if they are at the same school.
2. After finishing the last class, please promptly delete all program data (Workbook, program videos, Teaching Guide for teachers), and destroy all printed materials including Workbooks.
3. After completion of the program, we kindly ask for your cooperation in filling out the questionnaire.

③ Prohibition of reuse or resale of the program
1. Conducting this program for a fee, resale of the program or its constituent data or materials, as well as transfer, duplication and modification of any parts are prohibited. In the event of use that violates the above conditions, we reserve the right to demand that the user cease using the program and pay compensation.

I agree to the Terms of Use. *

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